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McKeno Paver Range

Capture the unique beauty of the Kimberly Region with our affordable and quality pavers. Made from quality local materials, our pavers are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes, textures and colours.

External Products

Gunmetal Shotblasted 
800x400x50mm $75 ea
900x600x50mm $115 ea (N/A)

Exposed Aggregate Cream

600x300x40mm $18 ea

Exposed Aggregate Charcoal
600x300x40mm $18 ea
Charcoal Textured 
400x400x38mm $11 ea
500x500x38mm $17 ea
Cream Textured 
400x400x38mm $11 ea
500x500x38mm $17 ea
Exposed Charcoal
400x400x40mm $15ea
Bullnose Cappers
Various Colours / Textures 
400x270x40mm from $16 ea
400x400x40mm from $18 ea
Plain Grey Slab
500x500x38mm $13 ea
Clay Landscape Pavers
230x114x50mm $1.60 ea
Clay Brick
Solid $3.00 ea / Cored $2.50 ea
Reinforced Concrete Slab
900x600x50mm $95 ea
McKeno are also distributors for all the major paving and building materials suppliers, if we don't have it we will get it in!
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